Filing a Lawsuit in Hawaii Elder Abuse Case

Elder abuseelder-abuse is a growing concern nationwide and in Hawaii. Galiher DeRobertis & Waxman is currently representing elderly victims of neglect, abuse, and exploitation, as well as their families.

Our firm filed one such suit earlier this year. Have a look at the coverage of it on Hawaii News Now: “EXCLUSIVE: Assisted living facility targeted with wrongful death suit“. The defendant, Oceanside Hawaii Assisted Living, has been found repeatedly in violation of standards during state inspections in the past couple of years. We are representing the family of Susan Pedro, who was neglected at Oceanside before her family moved her to Wahiawa General Hospital.

[Oceanside] left her in her wheelchair, around the clock, for an unknown period of time to soak, just soaked and soiled in her feces and urine, which caused not only pressure sores, but caused those pressure sores to get infected by the very bacteria that she was left sitting in.

—Attorney Anthony Carr

This story has been resonating with the local community, bringing outpourings of sympathy and support on the Web. You can have a read those narratives on the relevant HNN Facebook post. While you’re at it, drop by our Facebook page and give us a “like,” if you please. We’re right here: facebook.com/GaliherMesotheliomaLaw/.

As a final note, we’d like to recommend these 10 Questions to Ask Any Senior Care Home if you have an elderly family member who needs to be placed in any kind of care.