10 Questions to Ask Any Senior Care Home

Knowing what to ask can help you be better informed about a senior care home. The answers you hear could be valuable when you are trying to help yourself or a loved one decide if a home could be a good place for them to live. Here are ten good questions to ask:

  1. What is the staff-to-resident ratio?
  2. What are the staffing shifts and how does resident care change overnight?
  3. How do you determine the level of care that my loved one will need? Or does every resident receive the same level of care?
  4. What type of training does the staff receive and how often do they receive it?
  5. How experienced are the nurses and resident care aides?
  6. What happens if my loved one requires skilled nursing?
  7. Ask them to explain what they mean by statements they make in marketing materials, especially “24 hour nursing care” and “memory care” or other specialized services.
  8. What special care or services do they provide for residents with dementia?
  9. Have you ever been cited or investigated by the State Department of Health?
  10. What is your discharge policy?

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