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Our Hawaiʻi law firm is on the ground, working in the current effort to assist individuals, families and businesses impacted by the West Maui fire disaster. Our managing partner Ilana Waxman is a lifelong Maui resident. We have witnessed first-hand the tragic impact this fire has had on our neighbors, friends and loved ones.

As the search for the missing continues and the death count grows, we know the challenges for our island have just begun. The scale of the damage and its impact on Lahaina residents are coming into greater focus every day. And it’s only been made worse by the knowledge that this could have been prevented. We want to help Maui fire victims get the compensation and assistance that they deserve so that we can rebuild our community even stronger than before.

We are working hands-on to help in the community. Support the victims of the Lahaina fire by donating the Hawai‘i Community Foundation’s Maui Strong Fund today.

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Legal Help for Maui Fire Victims

Our experienced legal team is available to aid Maui fire victims in understanding their options and legal rights, including ensuring that insurance companies provide prompt and fair compensation for losses. In this effort, Galiher Law is working alongside the Hawai‘i State Bar Foundation, the Hawai‘i Association for Justice and the American Association for Justice to provide legal assistance to victims of the fire.

Maui Fire Victim Compensation

The heartbreak we are all experiencing has only grown with new revelations the Lahaina fire could have been prevented. Authorities say negligence by electricity provider Hawaiian Electric Co. (HECO) may be to blame not only for sparking the blaze but also for causing delays and bottlenecks on the ground. Despite forecasted high-fire-danger conditions, HECO failed to shut off electricity, complicating evacuation efforts and emergency response. Investigators say dozens of still-energized poles fell across roads in West Maui, hindering the ability for residents to evacuate and for emergency crews to respond. Our firm is experienced in obtaining justice and monetary damages for victims from powerful corporations and entities like HECO.

Our Hawaiʻi Fire Lawyers Protect Victims

Our law firm has worked hard to ensure people living in Hawaiʻi are protected from negligent behavior on the part of large corporations like HECO. State laws allow individuals and businesses to recover monetary damages when negligent parties are found responsible for damages caused by their actions, including:

  • Wrongful death
  • Personal injury
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Business interruption
  • Bad-faith insurance by insurance companies

If a large company was responsible for these fires, you deserve to be compensated for your losses, regardless of insurance or property ownership status. Our law firm has years of experience in corporate negligence litigation and can help you get the justice you deserve.

Were you a victim of the Maui Fires? Find out if you’re eligible for compensation. Contact our Maui fire lawyers for a free consultation.

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Fight For Your Hawaiʻi Insurance Rights

As Lahaina begins the long rebuilding process, thousands of claims are being filed with insurance companies. However, insurance companies operate with an unfair advantage with complicated contracts and claims processes. Policyholders often don’t understand the  process, their rights and the benefits they are entitled to. We are able to help protect policyholders from insurance companies operating in bad faith and engaging in unfair and dishonest practices, including:

  • Intentionally delaying reimbursement for insurance claims
  • Intentionally denying claims
  • Underestimating and underpaying damage claims

How our Maui Fire Disaster lawyers can help you

If you feel like your insurance company has not treated you fairly or that another entity needs to be held accountable, our experienced Maui fire disaster attorneys are available to help. You have protections if a claim is denied or if your insurance company undervalues your claim. Consult with one of our Lahaina fire attorneys who can protect your rights, negotiate for you and secure the compensation you deserve.

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