Maui-born Partner Ilana Waxman on Rebuilding after Lahaina Fires

Like her longtime Maui neighbors, Galiher DeRobertis & Waxman Managing Partner Ilana Waxman was on edge on the morning of August 8. Massive fires had been spotted near her Upcountry home, and her eldest daughter’s school was canceled as a precaution. Homes had already been lost in Kula. As the destruction and devastating loss of life in Lahaina became apparent, she set to work helping with immediate needs of the survivors. As an experienced mass tort attorney who was born and raised on Maui, Waxman found herself in a position to provide legal assistance to survivors as they work to rebuild and preserve their unique community and way of life.

Since the fire, Waxman has been working closely with the Hawai’i State Bar Foundation, where she is the chair of the Grants Committee, as well as the Hawai’i State Bar Association and the Hawai’i Association for Justice to raise funds, provide a wide range of legal assistance, and identify and develop long term public policy and legal solutions. We caught up with Waxman to discuss the legal challenges and opportunities facing survivors.