Vietnam Veterans Pass on a Tragic Legacy from Agent Orange

Birth Defects in Descendants of Vietnam Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange Raise Concerns about Enlist Duo because of its Similar Chemical Makeup

Vietnam veterans are leaving behind a tragic legacy with their children and grandchildren – birth defects related to toxic exposure to Agent Orange during the war. Agent Orange was a herbicide used during the Vietnam War that has now been banned because it is a proven carcinogen. In addition, studies have shown that Agent Orange can be a cause of birth defects in the children of Vietnam veterans. Grandchildren of these veterans have also shown a higher than normal rate of birth defects.

Studies showing that Agent Orange is a cause of birth defects are especially troubling because, while Agent Orange is banned, Enlist Duo is not. Enlist Duo is a popular weed killer that the Environmental Protection Agency has recently approved for expanded use. The concern with Enlist duo is that it contains 2-4D, a major ingredient in Agent Orange.

Who is at Risk for Birth Defects Resulting from Toxic Exposure to Enlist Duo?

Farm workers will be put at risk for having children with birth defects resulting from toxic exposure to Enlist Duo. As fields are sprayed with the popular Enlist Duo, farm workers will come in contact with the potentially harmful chemical if they are not adequately protected. All too often, farm workers do not even know about the dangers of the chemicals used on the farms where they are working, nor are they properly protected from coming in contact with substances known to cause birth defects.

Who is Responsible for Protecting Farm Workers from Birth Defects Resulting from Toxic Exposure?

Consumers and individuals depend on companies catering to the commercial farming industry to make safe products and to provide warnings when necessary.  However, it is the responsibility of labor contractors and farm owners to provide a safe working environment for their laborers and farm workers. The labor contractors and farm owners are frequently aware that chemicals used on their fields can be a cause of birth defects, but fail to adequately warn or protect the workers from these dangers. No one should have to be subjected to toxic exposure because of an unsafe work environment.

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