The Gary Galiher Law Hour — Episode 1: Nice to Get to Know You

Welcome to the very first episode of The Gary Galiher Law Hour! This podcast is for kama ‘aina who are looking for smart, helpful talk about the most important issues in Hawaii.

Gary and his firm have represented thousands of Hawaii workers and families during more than 35 years’ practice throughout the islands. Whether helping countless workers exposed to asbestos unknowingly in their jobs, filing suit against gas companies for unfair local pricing—the Galiher Law firm helps fight for consumer advocacy and play fair for the people of Hawaii, no kou pono: “on your behalf.”

Now Gary and his team are here to take the mystery out of what they do, and answer your legal questions. The podcast is an educational interview-style podcast that provides actionable tips explained through engaging stories. Unlike any other law podcast, this podcast will bring depth and an element of human interest and humor to popular legal topics found on the Galiher Law website.

This is our premiere episode, and as our host Mike Buck puts it, “a how you doin’ day and a nice to get to know you day.” In this episode, we introduce superstar attorney and our founding partner, Gary Galiher, and it’s no exaggeration to say he has a fascinating biography. After touching on Gary’s history in Hawaii, Gary and Mike discuss the tobacco settlement won on behalf of the taxpayers of Hawaii in the state’s lawsuit against big tobacco.