Our Client: A Shipwright With Mesothelioma

Malignant Mesothelioma from Shipyard Work

Mr. John Yount worked as a shipwright at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard for many years. Long after his retirement from Pearl Harbor, at the age of 83, Mr. Yount received his diagnosis of malignant mesothelioma. Although both Mr. and Mrs. Yount said that they usually do not believe in lawsuits, they contacted the Galiher law firm to find out about their legal rights.

Reluctant to Sue

After meeting with attorneys from the Galiher law firm, the Younts decided to go forward with a claim against the companies that were responsible for Mr. Yount’s malignant mesothelioma. Mr. Yount had worked hard all his life, and now he was suffering from a serious and incurable asbestos cancer. He was never warned of the hazards of asbestos while he was being exposed to asbestos dust aboard ships and in the shop, even though the industry knew of the danger, and Mr. and Mrs. Yount felt someone should be held accountable.

Shipwrights Have Significant Asbestos Exposure

As a shipwright in Shop 64 at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Mr. Yount was engaged in building and repairing various parts of ships and submarines. Most of the equipment and machinery on these Navy vessels contained asbestos materials such as packing and gaskets as well as being insulated with asbestos. Mr. Yount’s work brought him in close quarters with other shipyard workers who were removing and replacing these asbestos materials.

Galiher Team Was Trial Ready – Claim Had Excellent Result

After investigating his claim, Galiher DeRobertis & Waxman filed a lawsuit on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. John Yount. Our legal team was able to obtain a trial date within a year. Our firm then went to work to get the case ready for trial and to obtain the maximum recovery possible for the Yount family.

As a result of the Galiher team’s legal work, their case was settled well in excess of a million dollars, with some claims against bankrupt defendants still pending. Mrs. Yount says she never expected the financial result to be as large as it was. This will help them feel secure financially.

Even better for the Yount family, Mr. Yount’s mesothelioma has responded well to medical treatment. Mrs. Yount credits her strong faith that has resulted in her husband’s positive outcome with regard to his health. She prays every night for her husband’s health and well being. Additionally Mr. Yount has followed his oncologist’s every instruction and has done multiple courses of chemotherapy treatment that he has tolerated amazingly well.

Credit to Galiher DeRobertis & Waxman

Mr. and Mrs. Yount credit the team of attorneys and assistants at the Galiher law firm for helping them immensely. She says both she and her husband are very grateful to the Galiher team for what they have done for them. John Yount is a good citizen and a decent man, and he doesn’t deserve to have mesothelioma, a disease that could have been prevented.

To protect the privacy of our clients, their real names were not used in this article.