Hawai’i Statistics & Info About Elder Abuse

10,000-24,000 Cases of Elder Abuse in Hawaiʻi Each Year

iStock_000054854042_MediumHawai‘i’s Adult Protective and Community Services Branch (“APCSB”), which protects vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect, reported 801 cases of elder abuse in 2014. However, elder abuse is a “hidden” wrong as experts estimate that for every report of elder abuse to the authorities, between 10 and 24 go unreported (see Lifespan of Greater Rochester et al., 2011). Using this estimate, there are approximately 10,000-24,000 cases of elder abuse in Hawaiʻi each year.

Hawai’i Statistics & Info About Elder Abuse

iStock_000010423734_MediumBetween 1990 and 2012, the number of elderly aged 75 and older increased 47% nationally, compared to a 116% increase in Hawaiʻi. 15.6% of Hawai‘i’s population was 65 and over in 2013, compared with 14.1% nationally.

Elderly Populations Growing Nationally

iStock_000043978712_MediumIn the United States, the 2010 Census recorded the greatest number and proportion of people age 65 and older in history: 40.3 million, or 13% of the total population. This “Boomer Generation” effect will continue for decades. By 2050, people age 65 and older are expected to comprise 20% of the total U.S. population.

85+ The Fastest Growing Age Group

iStock_000003134667_SmallThe fastest growing segment of America’s population consists of those 85 and up. In 2010, there were 5.8 million people aged 85 or older. By 2050, it is projected that there will be 19 million people aged 85 or older.

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