Athletes Have Important Legal Rights

Hawai’i is committed to athlete safety, and so is Galiher DeRobertis & Waxman. The State of Hawai’i passed legislation passed to ensure concussion awareness and management for our athletes, coaches, parents, teachers and administrators. Still, there are inherent risks to playing sports, especially football. Brain injury in football is not incidental—it is built in to the game—and many other sports have a significant risk of brain injury. Today, our youth athletes are in danger of severe and frequent blows to the head that could produce lifelong changes in mental processes.

Galiher DeRobertis & Waxman is part of a legal strategy to ensure safety for our athletes. Following the class action lawsuit against the National Football League (NFL), Galiher DeRobertis & Waxman filed a lawsuit against the NFL alleging they knew the damaging affects of repetitive brain injuries but hid this fact from players, instead encouraging them back onto the field. Wrongful death suits against the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) have also spurred action toward managing and monitoring concussions at the college level. Litigation is helping NCAA’s live up to their mission to “protect young people from dangerous and exploitative athletic practices.”

You May Be Entitled to Damages

You may have a legal claim if you or an athlete you know is suffering from:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Personality changes such as depression, or increased irritability
  • Inability to focus (staring off into space)
  • Short-term memory loss

If you or someone you know has had sports-related concussions at the high-school or college level, there may be legal grounds for a lawsuit. Long-term effects of repeated mTBI include ALS, dementia and other costly disease.

Galiher DeRobertis & Waxman is dedicated to protecting the brains of our young athletes so that children can participate in sports without risking serious injury. Supporting concussion awareness is key, but so is maintaining accountability and justice.

Act Without Delay

Prompt action is required. The laws vary from state to state, but the statute of limitations in every state requires that lawsuits be filed within certain time periods. In Hawai’i, an injury lawsuit must be brought within two years of the incident. To successfully bring a lawsuit against those who were responsible, it is important to act quickly so that none of your legal rights are lost.

Signing a retainer with Galiher DeRobertis & Waxman costs nothing upfront, and ensures that you and your family are protected in the future.

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