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We have helped thousands of people with mesothelioma
and other catastrophic injuries.

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 Advocates for Victims of Sports-Related Brain Injury 

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and your legal position as a sufferer or family member
of someone with sports-related brain injury.
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We truly care about each and every one of our clients. That's because we only take cases where we believe we're on the right side of the issues. Are you one of the good guys? We want to help, if so.

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Our firm has a proven track record of success. We have recovered over a billion dollars for our clients. We will aggressively and tenaciously pursue your case to achieve the maximum possible recovery.

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We handle every case as a team, and work hard to achieve the best possible result for every client. As your team, we'll bring this teamwork and dedication to your case. Have a look at our attorneys' profiles and see if we're for you.

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The Galiher firm proudly represents clients from every island. We have a nationwide reputation for being among the best in the business, and offer the highest quality litigation skills and experience to all of Hawaii.

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  • Filing a Lawsuit in Hawaii Elder Abuse Case

    Filing a Lawsuit in Hawaii Elder Abuse Case

    Galiher Law  Comments (0)
    Elder abuse is a growing concern nationwide and in Hawaii. Galiher DeRobertis Waxman is currently representing elderly victims of neglect, abuse, and exploitation, as well as their families. Our firm filed one such suit on Thursday....
  • Brain Injuries in Youth Athletics

    Brain Injuries in Youth Athletics

    Galiher Law  Comments (0)
    Scientific advancements and a greater understanding of the issues that affect the health and safety of young athletes are key to reducing sports-related concussions in youth, reads Congress’s Youth Sports Concussion Act of 2013. States...
    Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Is an Oxymoron

    Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Is an Oxymoron

    Galiher Law  Comments (0)
    Above: The connective neurons of the brain are stained green by an antibody to SNTF, which is a protein that could soon be used to detect concussive injuries. New Protein Biomarker Highlights Damaged Brain Wiring...
  • Jamie Higa’s Story

    Jamie Higa’s Story

    Galiher Law  Comments (0)
    Jamie Higa was on her college basketball team when she suffered her fourth concussion. Recovery has taken years. Her coach “did not take injuries seriously,” and pressured her team to play through any pain. Concussions,...
  • What Is Elder Abuse?

    What Is Elder Abuse?

    Galiher Law  Comments (0)
    Elder abuse is a broad term which encompasses several different forms of neglect, abuse, and exploitation of an older person. There are hundreds of thousands of victims of elder abuse across America every year, and...

Meet Our Partners

Learn more about attorney Gary Galiher...
Gary O. Galiher

Attorney & Founder

Gary Galiher, the founder and senior partner of Galiher DeRobertis Waxman, began practicing law in 1977 and founded his own law firm the following year. His trial skills combined with his tenacity and hard work have obtained outstanding recoveries for his clients.

Learn more about attorney Richard DeRobertis...
L. Richard DeRobertis

Lead Appellate Lawyer

L. Richard DeRobertis is the lead appellate lawyer in the firm and second in tenure. Rick has helped to preserve and expand the legal rights of Hawaii workers and consumers, and represents them in court appeals against manufacturers of defective products.

Learn more about Ilana...
Ilana K. Waxman

Managing Partner

Since joining the Galiher team in 2007, Ilana has focused her practice on clients with mesothelioma and other asbestos diseases. She also works on whistleblower cases, pharmaceutical cases, and international claims brought by victims of terrorism.

We bring decades of experience to help you and your family, handle all of our cases individually, and give our clients our personal attention. One of our attorneys will meet with you as soon as possible to learn about your circumstances and answer your questions. Our team will begin working immediately and aggressively to obtain the best result for your case.

We provide free initial consultations. If you believe you or a loved one has a claim or a potential lawsuit, we are willing to meet with you to evaluate your claim with no obligation on your part. To learn more about your legal rights and options, please contact us to receive a free initial consultation.