Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Workers Exposed to Asbestos

Asbestos Used in the Construction of Navy Ships

The construction, repair, and maintenance of Navy vessels routinely exposed shipyard workers to asbestos since literal tons of asbestos had been used in the construction of these ships. The exposure occurred aboard destroyers, aircraft carriers, auxiliary crafts, submarines, battleships, and other vessels. Shipyard workers who worked aboard ships and in land-based shops were exposed primarily because their work generated asbestos dust in their confined work areas. As such, shipyard workers breathed asbestos dust as they carried out their day-to-day responsibilities.

Shipyard Workers Exposed During Construction of Navy Ships

Shipyard workers were exposed to asbestos in various ways. At the time of constructing ships, workers manipulated asbestos insulation products by cutting, shaping, mixing and sawing them. Workers were also exposed to specific asbestos-containing products, such as felt, block, pipe covering, thread, gaskets, block, tape, cement, and packing. Workers used these products to insulate pipes and machinery located throughout vessels.

Asbestos Dust Generated During Routine Maintenance

Asbestos dust was also generated through routine repair and maintenance of these Navy ships. Ship repairs often required manipulation and removal of asbestos-containing insulation affixed to pipes, valves and machinery. The repair and overhaul of equipment (such as propulsion equipment) also generated asbestos dust when workers repaired, disassembled, maintained, replaced and transported such equipment.

Exposure in Shipyard Shops

Some of the work that was done in shipyards was carried out in shops that were located a short distance from where the ships were being repaired. Equipment and valves were often transported to the shops for overhaul and repair. This equipment often had asbestos insulation still attached that needed to be removed to allow for the needed repairs. In addition, there were asbestos gaskets and packing that had to be removed and replaced by these shop workers. This process was repeated when the parts and equipment were reinstalled into vessels. In other words, the process of overhauling ships created continual exposure to asbestos dust.

Shipyard workers who were assigned to shops were exposed to the asbestos dust and debris generated by their work.

Shipyard Workers Not Told of Hazard

Unfortunately, shipyard workers were not told of the hazard of breathing asbestos. Workers were unaware that they were breathing a deadly dust. They were exposed on an almost daily basis to asbestos dust. This exposure put shipyard workers at risk of developing asbestos-related diseases, including mesothelioma.

We Have Represented Hundreds of Shipyard Workers

The Galiher Law Firm has represented hundreds of shipyard workers from Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and other shipyards throughout the United States. These hard-working individuals had significant amounts of asbestos exposure through their daily work. Our law firm has proudly helped these individuals and their families receive the compensation they deserve from negligent asbestos companies.