Neuro-Huddle Empower Coaches & Athletes About Concussions


The 2015 Neuro-Huddle happened at the University of Hawai`i’s Stan Sheriff Center on Friday. People from across the nation gathered to take action about the issue of sports-related concussion and head injury, and share their perspectives from many sides of the issue.

KITV4 news covered the event. Read their article, “Neuro-Huddle helps to empower coaches, athletes about concussions,” and watch Cam Tran’s video report: “New Program to help concussion victims”. From the article:

What the medical science is doing is important and what they are doing with the rules. But in the final analysis if they are not empowered to tell how they feel, and they feel suicidal they feel they are hurting so bad, then that’s what I think is the puzzle and that’s harder to get to than change the rules change the helmets and do all those things.

— Former UH football head coach Dick Tomey,
Neuro-Huddle helps to empower coaches, athletes about concussions”

More information will be available soon at the John Wilbur Legacy website at We’ll be posting more here, too, about our efforts towards this good cause.

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