Kuakini Medical Center Provides Hawai‘i Mesothelioma Patients

For mesothelioma patients, the treatment and care provided by Kuakini Medical Center Oncology Services is comprehensive. Kuakini’s Oncology Services provides care, support and guidance to mesothelioma patients and their families with a team of highly qualified, multidisciplinary physicians and professionals.  The first step to providing quality care and treatment is an accurate diagnosis. The Kuakini pathologists together with the patient’s oncologist determine the mesothelioma diagnosis. Mesothelioma is a rare tumor in the general population but when it is diagnosed, there is some form of asbestos exposure that caused this terrible disease.

Kuakini Oncology Services Has the Total Mesothelioma Patient in Mind

At Kuakini, a mesothelioma patient can receive chemotherapy treatment, both in-patient in the hospital and on an out-patient basis as well. Radiation therapy is also provided on site. Kuakini has several well known Hawai‘i oncologists whose offices are located at the medical center. These doctors include Drs. Kaye Kawahara, Gordon Nakano and Kenneth Sumida. More importantly, Kuakini Oncology Services is concerned with total patient care and offers such additional services as symptom management, pain management, patient education, palliative care, emotional and spiritual counseling, hospice as well as dietary services.

Mesothelioma Patients Are Beneficiaries of Kuakini’s History of Caring

Kuakini Medical Center, formerly Kuakini Hospital, is centrally located in Honolulu at 347 N. Kuakini Street. Kuakini Medical Center, and it has a rich cultural history. It was started as a hospital to care for Japanese plantation workers who could not otherwise receive quality health care. It was known as the Japanese Charity Hospital in 1900 when it opened. Then, during World War II, because descendants of Japanese immigrants were on the hospital’s board, the hospital was occupied by the United States. At that time, it was renamed Kuakini Hospital. The renaming signified the continuation and broadening of the health care facility’s mission of caring and providing quality health care for the community as a whole. Today, it stands as the last surviving hospital started by Japanese immigrants in the U.S. Kuakini certainly has a proud history, as it continues to provide quality care and treatment for Hawai‘i’s mesothelioma patients and their families.

The Galiher Law Firm Commends Comprehensive Care Facilities Like Kuakini Medical Center

With over 35 years of representing people in Hawai‘i diagnosed with mesothelioma, the Galiher law firm has developed strong and close bonds with our clients and their families. Mesothelioma is a devastating disease, and our clients and their families endure a great deal through the course of a patient’s mesothelioma diagnosis and treatment. Attorney Ilana Waxman, managing partner of Galiher DeRobertis & Waxman, commends the work being done at institutions such as Kuakini Medical Center. We at the Galiher law firm know that the comprehensive care being offered our mesothelioma clients and their families will ensure the best possible care and treatment.