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Veterans who have contracted mesothelioma can file a lawsuit. In addition, they may have a claim for Veterans’ benefits.

Navy Veterans At High Risk for Mesothelioma

US Veterans are at a high risk of contracting mesothelioma. US Navy Veterans are at a particularly high risk of contracting an asbestos-related disease because they served on ships that had literal tons of asbestos insulating products on them. Veterans who have an asbestos-related condition need to be aware of their rights to file a lawsuit and a claim with the Veterans Administration (VA) related to their service-related injury. We have represented hundreds of veterans who served on Navy ships, and have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in understanding your lawsuit and Veterans Administration Claim.

Filing A Mesothelioma Lawsuit

We have filed lawsuits on behalf of hundreds of Veterans who have contracted an asbestos-related disease. Contact us and learn how we can help you based on the unique knowledge we have acquired over the years we have represented US Veterans.

We know and understand ships and submarines. We know how the equipment and machinery were operated and maintained. We know where and how the asbestos insulation was used, and how it was disturbed during the normal operation and repair of Navy vessels. We have learned this information over the past 35 years of representing Navy veterans in asbestos cases. We will use our expertise to help you assemble the facts and information needed to file your lawsuit and your claim with the Veterans Administration.

Because of our extensive experience representing US Navy veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma, we have developed the expertise to research US Navy ships and identify where and how asbestos products were used. While this information is critical to any lawsuit against the companies who sold these asbestos products, it is also necessary for the filing of your VA claim.

We have studied and investigated all classes of navy ships and the asbestos products used on them. We have an exceptionally large library of documents related to the Navy’s use of asbestos on all classes of ships. We are uniquely qualified to help you understand how you were exposed to asbestos during your naval service.

Filing a Claim for Veterans Benefits

Although the Veterans Administration recognizes asbestos-related conditions as compensable diseases, it is up to each veteran to establish that he has an asbestos-related disease, and that it was caused by his shipboard exposure to asbestos. What makes the filing of a VA claim more complicated is the fact that the asbestos condition develops decades after the veteran’s service ended. Not only does the veteran need to present evidence of shipboard asbestos exposure, but he also needs to present the required medical proof establishing an asbestos-related condition. We have experience in the medical causation area, as well as extensive experience regarding the Navy’s use of asbestos. Our years of experience will enable us to explain the nature of these asbestos diseases that manifest themselves decades after exposure. This long time period, also known as latency, makes issues regarding diagnosis and exposure all that more difficult to establish.

Veterans, family members, and survivors are entitled to certain benefits depending on the facts of the claim. Each claim is unique and must be presented based on its own merits and facts. Benefits range from disability compensation, to medical and burial benefits, to survivor’s benefits. The filing of a complete and detailed application will ensure that the VA can render a prompt decision about the benefits to which you and your family may be entitled.

Our Unique Knowledge Can Help You

Contact us now to consult us to file your asbestos lawsuit and to assist in filing your Veterans Administration claim, at no cost to you.