Asbestos Bankruptcies

Mesothelioma Bankruptcy Trust Funds

Many of the companies that manufactured and sold asbestos insulating products have filed for bankruptcy protection. In most cases, the US Bankruptcy Courts have overseen the establishment of Trust Funds for those people who worked with or around these companies’ products. Each Trust Fund has its own criteria for submitting a Proof of Claim (POC), and requires specific information to show that there was exposure to their products.

Our firm has worked with our clients to present claims to these Trust Funds. Because of our decades of experience in representing people exposed to asbestos, we have compiled a significant amount of information related to all types of asbestos products, their distribution, use and identification. Accordingly, we have been able to develop the factual basis needed by our clients to submit a claim to these Trust Funds, which is another source of financial recovery for our clients in addition to their legal claim.

Please contact us to learn more about these Trust Funds and help determine whether you qualify for any possible compensation.