Power Plant Workers

Equipment at Power Plants Contained Asbestos

The generation of electricity at power plants has shifted from the use of steam-powered turbines to gas-powered ones. However, steam-powered turbines are still in use throughout the United States. These turbines pose a particular risk of asbestos exposure, because the equipment used at these plants is insulated with asbestos.

Steam-powered turbines are comprised of units, each of which contains a boiler. The boiler powers the turbine. The boilers, turbines, and other related equipment (valves, pumps, super heaters and pressure regulators) contain asbestos insulation. Valves, flanges and fittings that were located throughout these plants also contained asbestos gaskets and packing.

The use of this equipment was not limited to steam-powered turbines. Some nuclear power plants and gas-powered turbines that were constructed prior to 1975 also include these asbestos-containing components.

Workers at Power Plants at High Risk of Asbestos Diseases

When power plants were originally constructed, the equipment used was insulated with asbestos. This equipment required ongoing maintenance and repair, during which time the asbestos was removed and replaced. Workers were therefore exposed to asbestos throughout a long period of time, in the original construction and during subsequent repairs.

This exposure put power plant workers at risk of developing asbestos-related diseases, including mesothelioma.

The Galiher Law Firm Has Represented Power Plant Workers

Galiher DeRobertis & Waxman has represented many clients who formerly worked at power plants. Our representation also includes employees of sub-contractors who constructed power plants, maintenance workers, and bystanders (such as office workers). These workers had significant exposure to asbestos throughout their careers.