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Over Thirty Years of Experience Handling Catastrophic Injury Cases in Honolulu

Our law firm has over 35 years of experience successfully representing people who have suffered catastrophic injuries and wrongful death on Oahu. We have tried many cases before Oahu juries, and have recovered significant verdicts for our clients. We have also obtained significant awards through settlements and arbitration.

Over the past 35 years, we have obtained over one billion dollars for our clients on Oahu.

Some of our results include:

Fujii v. Grove International
We represented the family of a Pearl Harbor employee who sustained fatal injuries when a man-lift tipped over at his work site. We alleged that the man-lift was a defective product. The manufacturer settled the case, but the amount is confidential.

Umemura v. University of Hawai‘i
We represented the family of a spectator who tripped and fell on the steps outside of Stan Sheriff Center and sustained a massive and fatal head injury. Prior to the accident, the University had ignored calls made by security officers to repair burned out stairway lights. Maintenance employees responded only after the accident. The stairs were also defective because they were uneven and lacked non-skid strips. The University settled the case, but the amount is confidential.

Kunia Farm Workers Truck Collision Case
We represented the families of field workers who were passengers in a farm truck that was involved in a collision. Our clients included one worker who was seriously injured and two who had passed away. The employer’s insurance company settled the cases, but the amounts are confidential.

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