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Missouri is the twenty-first largest state geographically and is ranked eighteenth in terms of population. A principal source of asbestos exposure in Missouri is found in the motor vehicle assembly industry. Asbestos was used as a raw material in automotive components, such as brakes, clutches, and gaskets.

Another potential source is the power plant industry. Asbestos was used to retain heat. It is found in insulation materials as well as heavy equipment such as boilers.

The construction industry is another potential source of asbestos exposure. Asbestos was a common ingredient in many construction materials, including cement, plaster, joint compound, siding, tiles, and paint. Asbestos was also used in home insulation materials


Below is a list of occupations that put Missouri workers at a known risk of asbestos exposure. If you worked in one of these occupations in the 1980s or earlier, there is a good chance that you were exposed to asbestos:

  • Brick and stone masons
  • Construction workers
  • Drywall tapers
  • Electric power linemen and cable men
  • Electricians
  • Engineers
  • Furnace men, smelter-men and pourers
  • Heavy equipment mechanics
  • Industrial plant workers
  • Insulators
  • Iron workers
  • Laborers
  • Machine operators
  • Painters
  • Plasterers
  • Plumbers
  • Power plant workers
  • Roofers and slaters
  • Sheetmetal workers
  • Welders


The following is a list of some of the Missouri job sites where there is a potential use of asbestos products. If you or a family member worked at one of these places, you may be at a heightened risk of asbestos disease.

If you believe that you may have been exposed to asbestos at your own job, please contact a mesothelioma attorney for more information. There are many other job sites in Missouri where asbestos was used.

Motor Vehicle Assembly

  • American Car and Foundry
  • Bendix Manufacturing Company
  • Chrysler Corporation
  • Ford Motor Company
  • General Motors
  • Mercury Division Ford Motor Co.

Power Plants

  • American Oil Refinery
  • Bechtel Power
  • Clinton Generating Plant
  • Emerson Electric
  • Fulton Powerhouse
  • Hawthorne Power Plant
  • Independence Power Station
  • Kansas City Power and Light
  • Unioin Electric
  • Westinghouse Electric


  • Hercules Chemical Company
  • Mallinckrodt Chemical Works
  • Mobay Chemical
  • Monsato Chemical Company
  • Thurston Chemical
  • Union Carbide Corporation


  • Allis Chalmers Manufacturing Company
  • Midwest Piping & Supply
  • Missouri Portland Cement Company
  • National Lead Company
  • Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation
  • Ratican Insulation Company
  • Standard Asbestos Manufacturing & Insulating Company
  • Tretolite Company
  • W.R. Grace & Company


  • James River Paper Company


  • Meramec Mining Company
  • St. Joseph Lead Mine
  • St. Joseph Lead and Oil Works

Shipyards and Shipbuilding

  • St. Louis Shipbuilding & Steel
  • St. Louis Shipyard

Other Industry

  • Anheuser Busch
  • A.P. Green Refractories Company
  • Boeing Company
  • Eagle Picher
  • Marquette Cement Manufacturing Co.
  • McCabe Powers Body Company
  • McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company
  • Nooter Boilermaker Corporation
  • Orscheln Farm & Home Supply Inc.
  • Procter & Gamble
  • R.A. Nieberding
  • Ralston Purina Co.
  • Scott Air Force Base
  • Scullin Steel Co.
  • Standard Oil
  • St. Louis Lead & Oil Works
  • St. Louis San Francisco Railway
  • Trans World Airlines
  • Universal Atlas Cement
  • Whiteman Air Force Base
  • Zero Mfg. Co.


Mesothelioma is a deadly cancer of the lining of the lungs and abdomen, which is caused by asbestos exposure. Like other asbestos diseases, mesothelioma has a long latency period. This means that a person usually develops mesothelioma after the initial exposure to asbestos – usually between 10 and 50 years later. Due to this latency period, the number of Missouri mesothelioma deaths continues to rise.

According to the federal government, 278 Missouri residents died of mesothelioma between 1999-2004. In comparison to other states, Missouri ranks 18th in the number of mesothelioma deaths.


If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, and you believe you were exposed to asbestos in Missouri, it is important that you contact a skilled attorney with experience in asbestos litigation. In addition, time is of the essence, because you have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit.

We urge you to contact one of our mesothelioma lawyers for a free consultation. We can help you investigate the sources of your exposure, and determine what companies were responsible.