Hawaiʻi Residents Suffer Life-Threatening Effects of Pesticides

Two Kihei, Maui children suffered life-threatening birth defects due to pesticide exposure in utero, alleges a recent lawsuit.

Chemical and agricultural giant Monsanto excessively sprayed harmful restricted pesticides on corn fields just yards downwind from their families’ homes. The suit claims the company did so knowing the toxic chemicals would be carried by the wind into the residential neighborhood and absorbed by the families that lived there.

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The Toxic Consequences of Pesticides 

As a result, Dana Fulton, now 28, was born with her throat not connected to her stomach. Countless surgeries corrected some of the problem, but to this day, she still requires a tracheostomy tube in her neck to breathe.

Seventeen-year-old Max Coleman was born missing tubes that supported proper kidney function. While surgery addressed some of the problem, he still suffers from hydronephrosis, or the swelling of his kidneys, and has severe asthma and ADHD.

Dangerous Corporate Practices

“Monsanto was very well aware that there was a residential neighborhood immediately downwind, very well aware that the trade winds would carry these pesticides into the neighborhood,” says Ilana Waxman, who represents the Coleman and Fulton families in the case, expressing her assertion that Monsanto should be held accountable for their negligent use of restricted pesticides.

Other Hawai‘i Families Exposed to Pesticides

The victims’ families, both residents of Kihei, Maui, lived adjacent to Monsanto’s Mokulele Field, where the pesticides were sprayed. However, similar fields can be found on Maui and Kauai, where innocent families could also have been exposed.  The chemicals contained in these pesticides used by Monsanto cause cancer, lead to birth defects and adversely affect human health. Not surprisingly, they’ve been banned in many countries.

Protecting Your Family  

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