Hawai‘i Elder Abuse Community Resources

Community Resources and advocacy groups are helping us make the world a safer place for our athletes.

State of Hawai‘i Neurotrauma Support


Neurotrauma Support develops, implements, and monitors a comprehensive system of statewide supports to address the needs of people with neurotrauma injury and their families.

Brain Injury Association Hawai‘i


Brain Injury Association of Hawaiʽi is a non-profit 501(C)3 agency dedicated to serving those affected by brain injury through advocacy, education, prevention, and support.

Hawai‘i Concussion Awareness Management Program


Hawaiʽi Concussion Awareness and Management Program (HCAMP) is an organization intended to provide Hawai‘i’s physically active community and medical community with evidence based research education, support and resources to manage concussions.

Hawai‘i Pacific Neuroscience


Hawai‘i’s first fully integrated multidisciplinary neuroscience specialists working in a patient centered care model. Hawaiʽi Pacific Neuroscience employs the latest and most advanced diagnostic capabilities to solve and diagnose complex neurological conditions. HPN also leads the state in bringing neuroscience clinical trials to the islands so Hawaiʽi patients do not have to travel to the mainland to seek advance treatments.

League of Denial


A portal to information from the feature documentary and investigative non-fiction book by Steve and Mark Fainaru. The League of Denial details the history of the NFL brain injury fraud and the scientists on either side of the story.

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