Drugs Used to Treat Renal Cancer Show Promise in the Treatment of Mesothelioma

I am always interested to hear about new medical advancements in the treatment of mesothelioma. New treatments that lead to the initiation of clinical trials are even more encouraging. This is the case with a new drug treatment for mesothelioma. Researchers will be starting clinic trials to evaluate a preliminary finding that a drug used to treat renal cancer may also be effective in treating mesothelioma.

Promising Treatment With Drugs That Block Proteins That Regulate Cell Growth

In Australia, researchers have recently discovered a new promising treatment for mesothelioma.  They have found that temsirolimus, a drug typically used to in the treatment of renal cell cancer, may also be effective in the treatment of mesothelioma.
Temsirolimus works by blocking the action of a protein (known as mammalian target of rapamycin-mTor) that regulates cell growth.  Temsirolimusis has been shown to slow cancerous tumor growth in patients suffering from kidney cancer.  This renal cancer drug may also slow the growth of mesothelioma tumor cells.  Research showed that  temsirolimus powerfully blocked mTOR-mediated signals and stopped the mesothelioma cells from continuing to grow.  This research suggests that mTOR inhibitors like Temsirolimus may be a promising treatment for mesothelioma patients.

Professor Walter Berger, PhD of the Institute of Cancer Research at the Medical University of Vienna explained:
“In our preclinical study published in the Journal of Thoracic Oncology, we were able to demonstrate the inhibitor of the major oncongene mTOR is active against human mesothelioma especially after development of chemotherapy resistance both in vitro and in vivo,…These results suggest the initiation of clinical trials involving mTOR inhibitors as a novel anti-mesothelioma strategy.”

Benefits of Clinical Trials for Mesothelioma Patients

Patients need to talk with their doctors to determine whether they are candidate for any type of clinical trials. I have seen throughout my work as a mesothelioma lawyer that there are many benefits to mesothelioma patients enrolling in a clinical trial: patients receive excellent care; many patients feel better and their quality of life is enhanced; and in some cases the disease process stabilizes or even goes into remission. Clinical trials offer the best hope of eventually finding a cure for this devastating disease.

As a mesothelioma lawyer, a number of my clients have shared with me their experience in having participated in clinical trials where the safety and effectiveness of new drugs and medical treatments are evaluated.  Many of my clients who have been involved in clinical trials are happy they could contribute in some way to medical advances in the treatment of mesothelioma.

My firm and I have seen first-hand how advances in the treatment of mesothelioma have greatly enhanced the quality of life for mesothelioma patients. We remain committed to supporting research to help find a cure and better treatment for mesothelioma.


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