Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
Dozens of submarines, battleships, destroyers, tankers, oilers, and other Navy ships of the Pacific Fleet were homeported at Pearl Harbor. These ships played a crucial role in national defense throughout the Cold War period.

Unfortunately, these ships contained literal tons of asbestos. The turbines, valves, and machinery required asbestos insulation to protect the Navy seamen from being injured by the hot surfaces. The equipment on these ships also required asbestos packing and gaskets.

Shipyard workers and Navy seamen were exposed to asbestos when the equipment on these ships was repaired and overhauled at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. Navy seamen on board these homeported ships were also exposed to asbestos during routine on-board maintenance and repairs.

Listed below are some of the specific ships that were homeported at Pearl Harbor during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s:
  • USS Ashtabula AO-51
  • USS Bashaw SS-241
  • USS Beaufort ATS-2
  • USS Benjamin Stoddert DDG-22
  • USS Brunswick ATS-3
  • USS Bryce Canyon AD-36
  • USS Carbonero SS-337
  • USS Carpenter DD/DDE-825
  • USS Cochrane DDG-21
  • USS Crook County LST-11
  • USS Epperson DD/DDE-719
  • USS Fletcher DD-445
  • USS Goldsborough DDG-20
  • USS Hassayampa AO-145
  • USS Jenkins DD-447
  • USS King County LST-857
  • USS Nicholas DD-449
  • USS O'Bannon DD-450
  • USS Ponchatoula AO-148
  • USS Preble DLG-15/DDG-46
  • USS Radford DD-446
  • USS Reeves DLG/CG-24
  • USS Tombigbee AOG-11
  • USS Tang SS-563